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Courses: Software Systems Engineering

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Regular Courses

Since 2002: Central Course Information System

Before 2002

Legacy comments / changes in structure

  • The Software Systems Engineering programme was restructured in 2010. Course categories for the old structure are prefixed [MPO2005].
  • The lab and seminar lists are the same for both the old and the new structure. Note that you need to apply for labs and seminars in the semester before you take them.
  • If you have begun your studies in 2010 you can choose courses from all categories without the prefix [MPO2005].
  • If you have begun your studies before 2010 you can choose courses from the three [MPO2005] categories. (And you can find your chosen labs and seminars in their respective categories.)


Bridging Course

If you need to attend the bridging course "Foundations of informatics", you can find information about this course at B-IT:

Bridging Course 2009

Bridging Course 2010

Bridging Course 2011

Bridging Course 2012

Bridging Course 2013


Language Course


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