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Frequently Asked/Answered Questions

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A list of frequently asked and answered questions for the international Master's programme Software Systems Engineering

Please note that some information on this page may belong to the old Software Systems Engineering programme structure and may not be valid for sudents having begun their studies in 2010.


I did not find the information I was looking for. Where else can I go?

You can also take a look at the pages of the International Office.


FAQ for Prospective Applicants / Interested Parties

How to apply?

How can I determine how to apply?
Take a look at the Guide to Studies at RWTH Aachen University.

FAQ for Applicants / Prospective Students


I have a technical or formal issue with applying. Who can help me?
Formal and technical matters of the application process (except for Bildungsinländer) are solely handled by the International Office.
Does SSE have both Summer/Winter intake?
NO! We only have one intake per year, namely in October for the Winter term.
What's the deadline for application?
March 1 for international (non-EU) students.
Are there excemptions for bringing a recognized English language certificate?
Only if you were educated in US/UK/CAN/AUS/NZ.
Please see language requirements for English taught Master's programmes.

Institutional Code

Does RWTH Aachen have an institutional code for TOEFL test results?
Yes. The TOEFL- and the GRE-Code of RWTH Aachen University is 8504.
You can also let ETS send TOEFL results to our international office. If this is
not possible then send certified copies of your test results together with your application.


Does RWTH Aachen take tuition fees?
No. Not right now. However, there is a social contribution fee that you have to pay every semester.
What are the costs of living?
Please refer to the page about Costs and Finances at the central website.


Do we offer scholarships?
No. You will have to find a scholarship on your own, sorry.

FAQ for Enrolled Students

Getting around

I can't find the lecture hall
Look at the List of centrally managed rooms at Hoern in CAMPUS for some info.


How many credit point will I get for lecture xyz?
Look at the credit point web page for some illustrating examples.


How can I register for examinations?

MPO 2005

You need to go see the registration officer from the Central Examination Office ("Zentrales Pruefungsamt", located in the SuperC building) within the office hours of ZPA.
The official dates are announced on the blackboards of the chairs.

You need to present your student I.D. when registering. Please, tell the registration officer the following information:

  • the name of the Master Programme (Software Systems Engineering)
  • For exams in Practical or Theoretical Computer Science for each course which you wish to take an exam in, tell her
    • the title of the course
    • the name of the instructor
Please notice that English taught programs are very new in Aachen. Be prepared to speak German or to have someone with you speaking German.


Independent of registering with the Central Examination Office, you should contact the instructors and ask them when the exam will take place. (In many cases that will be an oral exam, and the instructor will simply arrange a date with you.)
Once you have registered for the courses with the registration officer, he/she will send the official registration forms to the respective instructors. The forms will be filled out after the exam and the instructors will send them back to the Central Examination Office, where the results will be recorded. If anything is unclear, please, don't hesitate to ask.

Can I cancel examinations?
Yes you can. But only until one week before your examination date. After that date you need a medical certificate.
How can I apply for the Transfer of Credits in 20XY?
Transferring credits and grades from other programmes to Software Systems Engineering:

Students with a four year Bachelor degree or those who were previously enrolled in a Master programme in Computer Science or a closely related field are eligible to apply for the transfer of credits and grades to Software Systems Engineering. The  transfer  of  credits can only be granted up to a maximum of 30 credits. Only courses with a grade better than 3.0 (German scale) will be considered (this implies that the course has to have a grade. pass/fail will not be considered!). If a course is transferred and the same course is offered at RWTH Aachen, you may take the corresponding exam, but you then have to choose which of the two should count for your final grading.

Your application must contain the following information:

  • your name, student id, postal and email address
  • a list of courses which you would like to have considered for transfer
  • a detailed description of the respective courses
  • a certified photocopy of the transcripts of *all* courses taken in your Bachelor/Master programme(s)
    > (If you don't have a certified copy, bring a xerox copy and the original and I will acknowledge the validity on site.)<li>
  • information about grading and crediting system of your universities
You need to apply before November 30, 20XY.


Please drop your application at the SSE office:
Stefan Schiffer
Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Informatik 5
RWTH Aachen University
Ahornstraße 55
52074 Aachen

Decisions will be made by late January.

Forms (Cost of Studies)

I am applying for a scholarship and I need to bring a certified form (like the I-20 form in the US) that states the cost of studies. Where do I get one of those?
The International Office Info Service Center can help here.


How can I calculate my final grading?
Only the first courses (in *strict chronological order*) which take you to the required amount of credits to complete the programme are used to compute the grades. And only these together with the grade for your thesis are used to compute your CGPA. Other courses, which you take for credit, will appear under "additional course work" on your MSc certificate.

Residence Permit

I'm out of time, how can I extend my residence permit?
Please follow the procedure indicated on RWTH Central Administration page on Residence Permit.
Also consult the page on general Information on Residence Permit, Entry Visa etc.

Academic Leave

Academic leave of absence
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