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Mailing Lists Overview

There are several mailing lists to promote the communication between the students and alumni of the Master's programme "Software System Engineering".

"Master Students" of "Software Systems Engineering" are advised to subscribe to the respective mailing list.

Since we provide a separate mailing list for students starting in each new year, there is a constantly growing number of such lists.
To make things simpler, the mask "20XX" is used throughout the site to indicate that any year between 2001 and the current year is applicable.


We are switching from majordomo to mailman starting from 2018 onwards.

Master students beginning their studies from 2010 onwards should subscribe to the respective "sse20XX" mailing list.

Students should only subscribe to the list of their cohort! Subscription requests will be reviewed and declined if unjustified.

There is also a mailing list for alumni of the Master programme Software Systems Engineering.

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