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msc200X Help

General Information

Since we provide a separate mailing list for students starting in each new year, there is a constantly growing number of such lists. To make things simpler, the mask "msc200X" is used throughout the site to indicate that any year between 2001 and 2009 is applicable.

Subscribe and unsubscribe

Please use this mask!

Mail to the list

To send a question, statement or something else to the mailing list you have to send it to
subject: necessary
text: text of the question or  statement


e-mail to:
subject:  I need help!
text: Can someone help me? ...
Thanks! Have a nice day...

If you want to address all "Master Students" that are subscribed in one of our mailing lists mail to
subject: necessary
text: text of the question or  statement

important MAJORDOMO commands

Apart from that you can get more information about the mailing list if you send a mail to MAJORDOMO with the following commands in the "text" box. It is allowed to use several commands, each per row. A command may be split across multiple lines if all of the lines in the command except the last end with a backslash "\". The subject will be ignored. MAJORDOMO sends you a mail with the information as requested.

info msc200X

            Retrieve the general introductory information for the  list.

which [address]

Find out to which lists you (or address if specified) are subscribed.

who msc200X

Find out who is on the  list.

index msc200X


Return an index of the files (with an unique ID-number) you can get associated with list.

get msc200X ID-number


Get the file related to list.


Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).


           Retrieve an informational message, a brief synopsis of the user portion of the manual page.


e-mail to:
subject:  XXX
text: index msc200X
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