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Transfer of Credits

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Information onthe Transfer of Credits, requirements that have to be met and how to apply for it

Transfer of Credits

To speed up your studies, we allow for a Transfer of Credits (ToC) from your first degree as follows:

  • your first degree must have been equal or more than FOUR years
  • course to be considered for ToC must be on a Master's level (i.e. no introductory courses!)
  • course to be considered for ToC must have a grade better or equal to a German 3.0
  • the maximum amount of credits to be transfered is 30 ECTS
The ToC takes place in November, i.e. the deadline for application is 30.11. (in every year)!
To apply for ToC, please hand in
  • a cover letter containing
    • Your Full Name
    • Your Matriculation Number
    • Your E-Mail Address
    • Name of University the credits come from
    • Name of Programme the credits come from
  • a list of courses you want to be considered, preferably with a prioritization
  • a certified copy of your transcripts! (including those you want to be considered for transfer)
    (You can bring a copy and I'll acknowledge the validity of the copy on site.)
  • for each course
    • a description of the content, i.e. a detailed syllabus
    • number of credits and/or number of hours of lectures/exercises etc, and the grade
    • preferably provide an information link if available
  • a description of your grading system (range, best/worst/pass-fail mark)
    a conversion scheme for grades in your local system to the German or the ECTS system
  • a conversion scheme for credits in your local system to the ECTS system
You can find a template for a ToC-application in the download section.

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