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Introductory Meeting

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A General Description of the yearly SSE Introductory Meeting

Introductory Meeting at a Glance

Every winter term there will be an introductory meeting to familiarise new students with the SSE programme and the general procedures.

Date and Content

The introductory meeting for all new Software Systems Engineering students will usually take place
in the first or second week of October, (the week before lectures start), at around 10:ooh in Ahornstrasse 55 (Informatik-Zentrum), Room(s) 5054/5055/5056.
We will give an overview of the SSE programme and several other useful hints.

Afterwards the local students representatives offer an orientation programme.
You will also visit a presentation of all lectures which are offered this semester.
The actual lectures usually start in the second week of October.

Previous Introductory Meetings

How to find room(s) 5054/5055/5056

Map of the surrounding area (the buildings are numbered 235x on this map).

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