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Old Structure

This describes the old structure from BEFORE WS2010/2011

Old Structure

This programme consists of a core curriculum and an area of specialisation. The core curriculum spans both

  • Theoretical Computer Science
    Complexity Theory, Logic, Theory of Parallel Processes, Compiler Construction
  • Practical Computer Science
    Programming Languages, Communication and Distributed Systems, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Speech and Image Processing

The student is required to cover both subfields, which typically means taking three courses in each of the two subfields. In addition, a mandatory course on the management of large software system engineering projects is also required.

The area of specialisation, which consists of courses combined with a seminar and a master thesis, can be one of the following: formal systems engineering, software engineering, high-performance computing, distributed systems engineering, information systems engineering, or embedded/intelligent system engineering. Other specialisation, in co-operation with disciplines such as Biology, Medicine, and Engineering, can be arranged. The master thesis typically occupies the final six months of the programme and can be written in industry or at the university.

Old Structure   [valid for students who started BEFORE WS 2010/2011]

The Master Programme Software Systems Engineering is organized in different areas each of which you have to achieve a specific amount of credits in. The following tables detail this.

  Practical CS Theoretical CS Area of Specialisation Project Management
Courses 3 or more courses
(10 or more hours of lectures)
3 or more courses
(10 or more hours of lectures)
3 or more courses
(12 or more hours of lectures)
2 hours of lectures
seminar course (2 hours) lab (2 hours)
Exams one after each course
oral (30 min) or written (60-90 min)
old: one oral exam (45 min) covering all courses  
new: one after each course
oral (30 min) or written (60-90 min)

Example Schedule

Fall Spring Fall Spring
4 courses (4+4+2+2 hours) 3 courses (4+4+2 hours)
Project Man. (2 hours)
Seminar (2 hours)
3 courses (4+4+2 hours)
Lab. (2 hours)
Master Thesis


Credits for the Master degree

Old Scheme

Practical CS20
Theoretical CS20
Area of Specialization24
Project Management Lab (4+8)12
Non technical10
Master Thesis30
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