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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
RWTH Aachen
Informatik 5
Ahornstr. 55
D-52056 Aachen
Tel +49/241/8021501
Fax +49/241/8022321

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Staff jobs

There are currently no job openings of this kind available.

Student jobs

HiWi Positions – Teaching assistant for Big Data in Medical Informatics Lecture
​Big data analytics in the medical domain enables scientist to develop more precise treatments, predict potential risk and tailor interventions to individual variations. Data generated by medical care institutions, wearable sensors, biobanks are rapidly becoming bigger and more complex. This lecture will cover analysis and interpretation of large biomedical datasets.
HiWi Positions - Open Source Peer-to-Peer Community Service Platform
Our developer team needs reinforcements from experienced open source Java and Web developers/designers. Student workers contribute to our full-featured secure peer-to-peer community servcie platform las2peer. Our team already developed sophisticated award-winning open source projects.