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Prof. Dr. S. Decker
RWTH Aachen
Informatik 5
Ahornstr. 55
D-52056 Aachen
Tel +49/241/8021501
Fax +49/241/8022321

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Staff jobs

Wireless network developers
Fraunhofer FIT in cooperation with RWTH is are looking for skilled people interested in taking on the often not only technical task of 'Connecting the Unconnected'. See for more details on our work. Our focus is on 'applied research'. You can work on your MSc or PhD or simply drive exciting projects forward. But, whatever you do should result in code or hardware that could be used in the field. You should have a strong EE or CS background and enjoy tinkering with either code or hardware or both. Key topics are wireless networks spectrum management, QoS,path computation, IoT and building energy efficient solar-powered wireless nodes to be used in the Global South(UNDP SDG 9c).
Mehrere Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)
Contact: PD Dr. Ralf Klamma, AOR; Deadline: 01. Aug 2021
Der Lehrstuhl Informatik 5 (Informationssysteme und Datenbanken) unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker befasst sich mit der formalen Analyse, prototypischen Entwicklung und praktischen Erprobung von Informationssystemen. Sie sollen die verteilte Erstellung, Integration und Evolution daten-intensiver Informatikanwendungen qualitätsorientiert dokumentieren und koordinieren. Konkrete Themengebiete sind Informationssysteme in den Ingenieurwissenschaften, in der technologie-gestützten Lehre und im Semantic Web. Die ausgeschriebenen Stellen sind in aktuellen BMBF- und HSP 3 Projekten zur Digitalisierung der Hochschullehre angesiedelt. Die Beschäftigung zielt auf eine Promotion.
Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in (w/m/d; TV-L 13) im Projekt ConfIDent
Contact: Dr. Christoph Lange; Deadline: 31. Jan 2020
Entwicklung von Frontend und Backend einer Plattform für Metadaten wissenschaftlicher Veranstaltungen im Projekt ConfIDent (Laufzeit: 3 Jahre)

Student jobs

Student assistant for building of a biomedical data repository
join us to build a prototype of a centralized data repository for biomedical data
HiWi Position for Blockchain Projects
The Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab is looking for students who are interested in working in various blockchain projects. The work can be carried out in Aachen, St. Augustin (near Bonn) or at the coordination centre of the Blockchain Reallabor in Hürth (Cologne).
HiWi Position in BMBF Project MILKI PSY (8-12h/week)
Our developer team needs reinforcements from experienced open source Java, Python and Web developers/designers. Student workers contribute to building an open source peer to peer multimodal learning analytics platform. Our team already developed sophisticated award-winning open source projects.
HiWi Position – Web Developer for Requirements Bazaar
Showcase and extend your coding abilities!
HiWi Position for Distributed Analytics Platform Development
Our team is looking for an experienced web-service developer. The goal is the development of a distributed analytics platform based on RESTful-Services and containerisation technologies.
HiWi Positions - Open Source Peer-to-Peer Community Service Platform
Our developer team needs reinforcements from experienced open source Java and Web developers/designers. Student workers contribute to our full-featured secure peer-to-peer community servcie platform las2peer. Our team already developed sophisticated award-winning open source projects.