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Prof. Dr. S. Decker
RWTH Aachen
Informatik 5
Ahornstr. 55
D-52056 Aachen
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HiWi for project Cooperative Cars

Job type HiWi
Extent Discussable
Status Closed
Deadline 31. Dec 2012
Contact Prof. Dr. Sandra Geisler
Contact Prof. Dr. Christoph Quix

The project “Cooperative Cars” (CoCar) is part of the aktiv research project and is investigating the applicability of current mobile technologies, such as UMTS and its extensions, in Car-2-X communication and corresponding applications. Car-2-X communication enables vehicles to exchange information. For example, if a car is breaking hard in a critical situation, it warns following cars to avoid a collision. Furthermore, also other information derived from sensors in a car can be exchanged, e.g., that the road condition is bad. This communication can be enabled by different technological means.

It is desirable to derive useful traffic information from the data send out by the communicating cars. As the equipment rate of cars enabled with Car-2-X communication will not be high in the near future, other sources have to be used to create valuable information, such as the current traffic state and a traffic state forecast. Therefore, data fusion is required to integrate data from the different traffic information sources.

These sources may comprise anonymous data from static mobile devices carried in vehicles (floating phone data), weather data or messages from the RDS/TMC system. We have implemented a data fusion architecture to integrate these sources. Each of the sources can be viewed as a data stream, as data is continuously send by each data source. Data Stream Management Systems are systems which can query a massive data flow without permanently storing data in contrast to database management systems. As these systems are well suited for efficient and timely processing and integration of data streams, the core component of the architecture is a data stream management system. We also use data stream mining algorithms to enable timely derivation of information.

You will support our team in the implementation and research on different parts of the architecture

For further information see also the website of the CoCar project


- Java programming (experienced)
- Object-oriented design & programming, UML (good)
- Relational databases + SQL (experienced)
- Data Streams (optional)
- Python (optional)

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