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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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You are here: Home News TeLLNet workshop for German teachers was held on 11.03 in Bonn

TeLLNet workshop for German teachers was held on 11.03 in Bonn

We developed a CAfe tool for teachers that helps them to analyse their activities and acquire new competences. German teachers are first who tested the CAfe tool.

More than 120000 teachers in 31 European countries have created their profiles on the eTwinning portal, this includes almost 6000 German teachers.

More than 30 active teachers in eTwinning came from all parts of Germany to share their experiences and talk about future cooperations and useful tools for their projects.

In the workshop organized by RWTH Aachen we (Petrushyna, Song, Dohmen, Klamma, Cao, Kravcik) show teachers eTwinning related interactions, e.g. project partnerships, the number of blogposts they have written. They can observe how their actions have changed over the course of time that they have participated in eTwinning. Afterwards, teachers agreed that their data is analysed got reports about their activities.

We thank all teachers for their valuable feedback on our approach and our tool. In future TeLLNet partners are going to use the tool and make it results more applicable for teachers.

In attachment you can find the screentshot of the CAfe tool where the actvities of one teacher are compared with activities of his collaboration partners

For more information, see the following attachment:

competenzEntwicklungActivity30596_1.jpg — JPEG image, 309Kb

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