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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Sunny Weather and International Presentations at 25-year Anniversary Symposium at Informatik 5

The Chair Informatik 5 celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a Symposium on Information Systems and Web Engineering on June 10. Participants were greeted by Vice Rector Bernd Krieg of RWTH Aachen University, then professors Matthias Jarke and Stefan Decker gave an overview of historical accomplishments and future plans of Informatik 5.

Keynote Speakers John Mylopoulos (University of Trento/Italy, Dr. h.c. of RWTH Aachen) and Stefanie Kethers (Director Research Data Alliance, Melbourne/Australia, Dr. rer.nat. from RWTH Aachen in 2000) presented their perspectives on Requirements Engineering and on the Management of Research Data. In further presentations, Tung Bui (University of Hawaii, Ph.D. with Prof. Jarke at New York University 1984) and Ralf Klamma (leader of the ACIS research group at Informatik 5) discussed the opportunities and challenges of social network communities e.g. in disaster management and lifelong learning, whereas Alexander Ferrein (professor at FH Aachen, and Ph.D. graduate of Prof. Lakemeyer) and Wolfgang Prinz (deputy institute leader of Fraunhofer FIT and professor at Informatik 5) presented award-winning results from the Robotics/Knowledge-Based Systems Research Area and from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT which is linked to Informatik 5 by common institute directors Jarke and Decker. The presentations gave much food for thought and lively discussions in the meeting and the breaks.


The almost 140 participants of the symposium and the subsequent dinner at Vaalsbroek Castle, included – in addition to numerous Informatik 5 alumni and colleagues – also important long-time Informatik 5 cooperation partners such as professors Armin Cremers (co-founder of the b-it international institute), Gerhard Fischer (University of Colorado, FIT Curator), Michael Jansen (German University of Technology in Oman GUtech), Wolfgang Marquardt (Jülich Research Center), Joachim W. Schmidt (TU Harburg), Yannis Vassiliou (NTUA Greece), as well several colleagues from Stefan Decker’s former affiliation with the Digital Engineering Research Institute DERI in Galway/Ireland. At the end of the event, Professors Decker and Jarke thanked especially Dr. Zina Kensche for coordinating the organization, and for the excellent support by our secretaries and technicians Daniele Glöckner, Tatjana Liberzon, Reinhard Linde, and Claudia Puhl.

25 Anniversary i5

After the symposium, participants enjoyed the sunny weather, beautiful environment, and excellent food at a festive dinner in Vaalsbroek Castle, following the tradition of the quintennual Informatik 5 alumni meetings.

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