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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Keynote Talk at GDN 2017

Prof. Matthias Jarke presented the Opening Keynote Address at the 17th International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation (GDN 2017), held at Hohenheim Palace, Stuttgart/Germany, on August 15, 2017. In his talk, he showed how Fraunhofer’s recently developed Industrial Data Space concept can offer a data management infrastructure for the implementation of some theories of group decision and negotiation, and gave some early examples from the mobility and health sector.

The opening keynote was held 30 years after the publication of a seminal paper of the GDN support systems area, published in 1987 in the European Journal of Operations Research by Jarke with co-authors Tawfik Jelassi (now Professor at IMD Lausanne and Past Tunesian Minister of IT) and Melvin Shakun (New York University, Founder of the GDN Journal and conference series).

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