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Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
RWTH Aachen
Informatik 5
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Kickoff for Fraunhofer Alliance Big Data
Last updated on: 14. Feb 2014
24 institutes for the Fraunhofer Society of Applied Science participated in the kickoff meeting of the newly founded Fraunhofer Big Data Alliance at Birlinghoven Castle, Sankt Augustin, February 12, 2014. The Alliance offers a platform for applied, industrially oriented big data research in application areas such as logistics, production, life sciences, financials, and others. The Alliance elected Prof. Stefan Wrobel of Fraunhofer IAIS as its chairperson, deputy chair is Prof. Matthias Jarke, RWTH Aachen and Fraunhofer FIT.
AIS turns 20
Last updated on: 14. Feb 2014
In 2014, the international Association for Information Systems celebrates its 20th anniversary.
KinderUni by i5
Last updated on: 24. Jan 2014
Verreisen hat nicht unbedingt etwas damit zu tun, in die Ferne zu verschwinden, sondern betrifft auch kleine Reisen im Alltag. Zum Beispiel zum Supermarkt oder zum nächsten Fußballspiel. Das sieht jedenfalls Karl-Heinz Krempels vom Lehrstuhl für Informatik 5 so, der gestern rund 500 Teilnehmer zur Kinderuni eingeladen hat, einer Veranstaltung der RWTH Aachen, der Aachener Nachrichten, die von der Stawag unterstützt wird.
Matthias Jarke Elected ACM Fellow
Last updated on: 18. Dec 2013
Professor Matthias Jarke was elected a 2013 Fellow of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), the oldest (founded 1947) and largest (80.000 members) computer society worldwide. ACM annually names a small set of fellows for computing advances "that are transforming science and society".
I5 Contributes to Strophe.js Open Source Project
About: The XMPP Experience , Last updated on: 18. Dec 2013
The Strophe.js open source library that is backing numerous Web sites running real-time applications like instant messaging just got a major upgrade. The Advanced Community Information Systems Group at i5 (ACIS) actively contributed the support for WebSockets, the next generation W3C protocol standard for bi-directional communication from client browsers to servers.
Project MobilityBroker officially started
About: Mobility Broker, Last updated on: 04. Nov 2013
MobilityBroker, a project for improving flexible intermodal mobility with participation of i5 has started on Oct 1st 2013.
New EU LLP Leonardo Da Vinci project BOOST started at the chair
About: BOOST, Last updated on: 16. Oct 2013
We are happy to announce that the chair managed to get funding from the EU for transferring results from the finished ROLE project into micro and small enterprises in Europe. The EU LLP Leornado Da Vinci project which is called BOOST - Business PerfOrmance imprOvement through individual employee Skills Training - started on October 1, 2013. Partners are companies from the UK, France, Greece and the Czech Republic.
First Layers Developer Camp
About: LAYERS, Last updated on: 25. Sep 2013
From September 30 to October 4, 2013, Layers developers will gather in Aachen at RWTH Aachen University for the first Learning Layers Developer Camp.
Requirements Bazaar won RE'13 Best Tool Demo Award
About: LAYERS, Last updated on: 26. Jul 2013
Requirements Bazaar, a Web-based tool for Social Requirements Engineering developed at I5 received the Best Tool Demo Award of the 21st IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Requirements Bazaar demo accepted at 21st IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering (RE'13)
About: LAYERS, Last updated on: 03. Jul 2013
The Requirements Bazaar ( developed in the ROLE project and utilized in the Layers project has been included as a demo by the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering. The 21st IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, July 15th-19th, 2013. We will present the software there and report about our experiences.