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Research field Advanced Community Information Systems (ACIS)
Funding DFG
Start date 2007/10/01
End date 2011/07/01
Status completed
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Context Adaptive Interaction in Cooperative Knowledge Processes - DFG Cluster Project


CONTICI is a new cluster project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The aim of this project is development and research of context adaptive systems for knowledge processes. Thereby the adaptivity of cooperative systems to dynamic users requirements should be investigated. 

Traceable Cooperative Requirements Engineering for Communities-of-practice

i* model of the community of practice oriented requirements engineering process (in German)

The main goals of this subproject:

  • Extension of previously developed context, process or cooperation models by comprehensible evaluation history
  • Visualizing and management of gathered evaluation information and connections between different  models versions
  • Extraction of user depended system setting followed by employment of this information as learning materials and for re-engineering of requirements
  • Quality and quantity analysis of created circle of comprehensible information gathering, processing and employment

News and events

  • 25.11.2010 Project meeting, Siegen
  • 06.05.2010 Project meeting, Duisburg
  • 04.03.2010 Project meeting, Aachen
  • 22.01.2010 Project meeting, Hagen
  • 13.11.2009 Project meeting, Siegen
  • 06.11.2009 Project meeting, Siegen
  • 31.08.2009 Project meeting, Duisburg
  • 21.08.2009 2nd Workshop STEG within ICWL
  • 22.06.2009 Project meeting, Aachen
  • 04.05.2009 Project meeting, Hagen
  • 03.03.2009 Workshop SENSE within SE2009
  • 17.02.2009 Project meeting, St. Augustin
  • 17.11.2008 Project meeting, Duisburg
  • 27.10.2008 Meeting of working group "Context analysis and -modeling", Aachen
  • 11.09.2008 Project meeting, Munich
  • 08.09.2008 Requirements Engineering Workshop, Aachen
  • 04.08.2008 Meeting of working group "Context analysis and -modeling", Siegen
  • 07.07.2008 Project meeting, Aachen
  • 13.06.2008 Meeting of working group "Context analysis and -modeling", Duisburg
  • 19.05.2008 Meeting of working group "Context analysis and -modeling", Duisburg
  • 18.04.2008 Project meeting, Hagen
  • 28.03.2008 Meeting with project partner Prof. Pipek, Aachen
  • 20.02.2008 Project meeting, Duisburg
  • 23.11.2007 Project meeting, Siegen
  • 06.11.2007 Meeting with project partner Prof. Dr. Stephan Lukosch, Aachen
  • 09.10.2007 Kick-off meeting, St. Augustin, Fraunhofer Institute FIT

Research staff

Student assistants



Document Actions
Project Publications

Anna Hannemann, Ralf Klamma, Matthias Jarke

Soziale Interaktion in Open-Source-Communitys

Open Source - Konzepte, Risiken, Trends, Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, HMD 283, 49. Jahrgang, Februar 2012

Ralf Klamma, Matthias Jarke, Anna Hannemann, Dominik Renzel

Der Bazar der Anforderungen - Open Innovation in emergenten Communities

Informatik-Spektrum Volume 34(2):178-191, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, DOI 10.1007/s00287-010-0516-5

Tobias Vaegs, Darko Dugosija, Stephan Hackenbracht, Anna Hannemann

Learning by gaming: facts and myths

International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (IJTEL)

More publications…