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Esprit LTR Data Warehouse Quality


DWQ is a basic research project bringing together a team of four European countries to investigate the foundations of data warehouse quality. DWQ started in October 1996 and was finished in December 1999.

Data Warehouses are distributed databases which store materialized views on heterogeneous data sources of an enterprise. The multidimensional data model of data warehouses is often used for decision support systems of an enterprise. Many data warehouse projects have failed because they could not handle the quality problems which arised during the integration of data from different information sources. The goal of the DWQ project is to develop a semantic foundation that will allow the designers of data warehouses to link the choice of deeper models, richer data structures and rigorous implementation techniques to quality-of-service factors in a systematic manner, thus improving the design, the operation, and most importantly the evolution of data warehouse applications. 

The project participants are the Knowledge and Databse Systems Laboratory from National Technical Univ. of Athens (Prof. Sellis, Prof. Vassiliou), Informatik V (Prof. Jarke) and LuFG Theo. Informatik (Prof. Baader) from RWTH Aachen, INRIA Rocquencourt (Prof. Bouzeghoub, Dr. Simon), DFKI Saarbrucken (Dr. Nutt),  the AI Research Group of Univ. of Rome "La Sapienza" (Prof. Lenzerini), the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group of IRST and the
Information Management Group of University of Manchester (Dr. Franconi). 

The role of Aachen (Informatik V) was to develop a model for data warehouse components and their relationship to quality factors like accuracy. The model forms the basis for a design tool for data warehouses. This model has been implemented with the metadata repository ConceptBase. A demonstration of some tools which have been developed in DWQ has been given at SIGMOD 2000. Screenshots and a short description of the demo can be found here.


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Project Publications

Matthias Jarke, Manfred Jeusfeld, Christoph Quix, P. Vassiliadis

Architecture and Quality in Data Warehouses

Seminal Contributions to Information Systems Engineering, 25 Years of CAiSE, Springer, 2013

Christoph Quix

Metadatabase Design for Data Warehouses

In M.A. Jeusfeld, M. Jarke, J. Mylopoulos (eds.): Metamodeling for Method Engineering, MIT Press 2009, pp. 329-355

Matthias Nicola

Performance Evaluation of Distributed, Replicated, and Wireless Information Systems

Doctoral Thesis, November 1999, ISSN 0935-3232

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