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UMIC: Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication

Research cluster established under the German excellence initiative


The goal of this cluster is the interdisciplinary design of Ultra high-speed Mobile Information and Communication systems (UMIC) providing an order of magnitude improvement of the perceived quality of service. Concepts and demonstrators for smart, mobile, broadband, low-cost systems will be developed which support the demanding applications of the next-decade mobile Internet.

The research program is structured into four research areas, Informatik 5 is coordinating the activities in the research area Mobile Applications and Services. Future ultra-highspeed mobile information and communication technology will only be successful if attractive applications can be found that actually need the increased performance, ubiquity, and reliability, and if the demands of such applications are reflected back to the design of the different technology levels and design methodologies. Research in selected mobile applications and services is therefore an integral part of UMIC.


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