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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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P2P Information Management

Contextualized Peer to Peer Information Management in Wearable and Environmental Computing


In Peer-to-Peer information systems every peer can act as a provider and creator of information. Communication between peers is enabled by semantic mappings between the models of data stored at individual peers. High speed mobile communication is required if peers reside on mobile devices that continually exchange stream data.

This sub project of the DFG research cluster UMIC within the German Excellence Initiative, investigates modeling of context for peer to peer information exchange in the area of wearable health-net applications. Health-net applications monitor vital functions of patients, such as blood pressure or pulse, as well as imperilled staff by means of various mobile sensors. The generated data streams must be integrated and mined for anomalies in order to enable fast reactions on dangerous situations. In this context, the Informatik 5 addresses the modeling of individual data streams and their integration to a multidimensional data stream that can be mined for anomalies.

The challenges addressed by Informatik 5 are:

  • Semantic Modeling of the individual data streams that are provided by sensors
  • Ad hoc integration of sensor models to an integrated model of a multidimensional stream
  • Formalization of mappings from individual streams to the model of the integrated stream
  • Fusion of data provided by individual sensors
The research of Informatik 5 in this sub-project is based on the work of the Model Management group, which develops formal methods for the management of data models.


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