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HealthNet: Mobile and Wearable Health Information Management

Research field Big Data & Model Management
Parent project UMIC
Status completed

Medical health care is undergoing a significant change of paradigm. The cause is a demographical change with a growing population of elderly people and the associated increase of health care related expenses. Also, there is a growing group of health-aware people that would like to take more personal responsibility for their own health. New innovative technologies are necessary to meet the expectations and fulfill the need of upcoming generations. Moving health care from health centers to home environments poses new challenges that have to be overcome to make these scenarios become reality. Feasibility has been shown by several research groups around the world.

The UMIC project HealthNet has developed a prototype which addresses these new challenges: mobile sensors collect information about the vital functions of a patient while she is in her home environment, the integration of the sensors as smart textiles increases the acceptability of such technology especially for elderly people, mobile communication and data management enables the exchange of health data between patients and doctors, advanced security and privacy features increase user acceptance , and finally data processing techniques tuned for mobile devices provide immediate feedback of the collected data to the user.

The developed prototype includes a body sensor shirt for measuring the vital functions of the patient, an electronic unit to process the measured signals and to send the data via Bluetooth to a mobile device of the patient, mobile software to integrate, analyze and aggregate the sensor data on the mobile device, and a server software which receives the aggregated data from the mobile device and analyzes the sensor data in more detail if required.




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