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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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cooperative online creation & enhancement of project terminologies

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Why do we need a common project glossary?
Some relevant concepts within an interdisciplinary project possesses various meanings from the perspective of the project partners. For example the concept stream refers to "material stream, namely a material and its flow rate" or is defined as "Simulators use streams to communicate with ports of unit operations ...". It is necessary to analyse those relevant concepts with divergent meanings and to harmonize them. Thus, a common project terminology is created that serves as a reference for the correct usage of terms in any report or technical document.
What can you do with the glossary system?
The system supports the project partners to define concepts, to discuss about these definitions by writing comments and, finally, to harmonize these definitions. The great advantage of the system in contrast to the paper-based work is the ability to analyse the glossary for inconsistencies, e.g. for terms that are used for different concepts or missing definitions. Additionally, the distributed cooperative work is supported, especially the group awareness: You can see who is working on which concept definition. This feature is realised by means of a concept list that presents also the status of the concepts. Thus, this list serves as a kind of shared working list, too.
The current functionality of the system (Version 1.2.1) comprises the navigation in the glossary by means of a concept list and a term list. Additionally the commentation of glossary definitions is possible. The new version 1.2.1 allows the definition of new concepts and the change of old concepts.
How to use the system
The system is realised using Java Applets. You can start the system in your browser either using one of the new releases which support Java 1.1 (Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Communicator 4.5) or add a Plug-in to your browser.

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