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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Personal Clouds for Learning

Life-long learning is a crucial but hard to balance demand in the face of competing demands of work and private life. Many life-long learners simply do not find the time or do not have the resources for intensive or immerse instructions. For this reason, life-long learners need to identify and exploit the breaks spread across different places and throughout the day/week and when other distractions are temporarily halted and attention can be diverted to learning. Yet another challenge is the curating of reusable personalized learning content and tools. Information overload is a much greater threat than information scarcity. There is a plethora of learning and informational content on the Internet, but there is also too much of it and the learners are flooded with information and tool choices. Losing control an focus often lead to non-satisfying learning experiences and may result in stopping all learning activities.  Where the pain is one also may find the cure.

With mobile and cloud eco systems new heterogeneous kinds of informal learning are now available to life-long learners. Personal cloud reflects the "4S experience", consumers' desire to store, synch, stream, and share their content regardless of device or platform seamlessly, using multiple connected devices such as smartphones, media tablets, televisions and PCs over the Internet. Personal cloud services are not tied to one specific device or platform. An invisible experience means it works on anything. This personal info-cloud is centered on the individual; it provides continuous access, the content is organized for personal use and the applications and services are task, action and context aware.


Slides from the lecture given at JTEL Summer School 2013 in Limassol, Cyprus:





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