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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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OpenGLM - Open Graphical Learning Modeler

Research field Advanced Community Information Systems (ACIS)
Parent project metis
Funding EU LLP, FP7
Status completed
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Open Graphical Learning Modeller (OpenGLM) is an open-source learning design authoring tool which supports IMS Learning Design (LD) at levels A and B.

OpenGLM is a learning design authoring toolkit that supports the authoring of IMS Learning Design (LD) compliant units of learning. IMS LD is a complex specification that allows learning designers to define the orchestration of teaching and learning activities in a unit of learning along with required services and learning objects. A unit of learning described using OpenGLM can subsequently be deployed and used over and over again in any IMS LD compliant learning environment. 

The main goal of developing OpenGLM was to provide comprehensive and intuitive IMS LD modelling software, which reduces the complexity of the IMS LD specification to a degree where also non-technical users are enabled to build IMS LD conformant units of learning. A subsidiary goal thus was to create translation mechanisms that interpret a graphical representation of a learning design and convert it to the required XML format as specified in the IMS LD information model. These goals were achieved by viewing the activities of learners and instructors as the modelling core around which to build other aspects covered by the IMS LD specification. The activities are graphically displayed and may be freely defined and arranged by the learning designer (see the image below).

OpenGLM Screenshot
Image: OpenGLM main window

Get Involved

Development of OpenGLM is currently managed at i5 in the context of the METIS project. The source code and binaries for different platforms are available from sourceforge at

If you are interested in contributing to development, or by doing a Master/Bachelor thesis in the context of further OpenGLM development, please contact us.



Very brief introductory tutorial for OpenGLM:

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Document Actions
Project Publications

Michael Derntl

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