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Scaling Mentoring Support with Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Year 2020
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ISBN-13 978-3-030-49663-0

Mentoring is the activity when an experienced person (the mentor) supports a less knowledgeable person (the mentee), in order to achieve the learning goal. In a perfect world, the mentor would be always available when the mentee needs it. However, in the real world higher education institutions work with limited resources. For this, we need to carefully design socio-technical infrastructures for scaling mentoring processes with the help of distributed artificial intelligence. Our approach allows universities to quickly set up a necessary data processing environment to support both mentors and mentees. The presented framework is based on open source standards and technologies. This will help leveraging the approach, despite the organizational and pedagogical challenges. The deployed infrastructure is already used by several universities.


Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 12149

Presented at

Intelligent Tutoring Systems, 2020 .

Published in

Lecture Notes in Computer Science , by Kumar V., Troussas C. ; Springer, Cham .

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