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Meta Data Repository

Year 2009
ISBN-10 0387355448
ISBN-13 978-0387355443

A meta data repository (MDR) is a component which manages meta data. In the context of database systems, one example for meta data is information about the database schema, i.e. a description of the data. In addition, MDRs can manage information about the processes which create, use, or update the data, the hardware components that host these processes or the database system, or other (human) resources which make use of the data. As meta data is also data, meta data repositories offer the same functionality for meta data as database management systems (DBMS) for data, e.g. queries, updates, transactions, access control. Moreover, as meta data is semantically rich data, MDRs often employ object-oriented data models as the basis for the definition of meta data. MDRs should also offer predefined meta models for different types of meta data, so that the user is able to store meta data directly, without defining a meta model in advance. Another task for a meta data repository is the integration of meta data from various sources into a comprehensive meta data model.


M. Tamer Özsu, Ling Liu (eds.): Encyclopedia of Database Systems. Springer, 2009.


Published in

Encyclopedia of Database Systems , by M. Tamer Özsu, Ling Liu ; Springer , Berlin , DE .

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