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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Continuous Information Provisioning for the Conference Participation Process

Year 2013
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Conference organization and participation becomes subject of process optimization to increase the efficiency of knowledge transfer and the scientific exploitation of emerging communities of interest. Process optimization starts with a process model to analyse the planning aspects, the information flow, the coordination efficiency, and finally the efficiency of the knowledge transfer. Considering the information flow and the coordination efficiency as prerequisite for the knowledge transfer efficiency analysis we state that a mobile interface to the conference management information system would improve the coordination process during the conference and fosters the emergence of communities of interest. This paper presents an approach for a mobile conference planner application, integrated into a conference management system. The proposed functionality focuses on the improvement concerning orientation during a conference, material access, and managing social contacts working conference comprehensively. Further- more, the post-processing of the attended contributions in the context of a conference shall be facilitated retrospectively.


Proceedings of 10th International Conference on E-Business (ICE-B 2013)

Presented at

International Conference on E-Business, 2013 , Reykjavik , IS.

Published in

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on E-Business .

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