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On Modeling Learning Communities

Year 2015
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ISBN-13 978-3-319-24257-6

The aim to support learning communities by Web 2.0 technology leads to their investigation through the prism of learning theories. However, self-observation and self-modeling requires appropriate tools and skills. In this paper we focus on users of a forum platform and propose several tools that perform community detection, social network analysis, text mining, natural language processing, and clustering. The outcomes serve as inputs for community models that are automatically established using the i* information modeling approach. Stakeholders can recognize issues in their communities by visual analytics of the models. Based on this, they can refine community learning processes and community environments by retrieving new community requirements from the models. The process of model establishment was evaluated by experts in i* information modeling and the results show their acceptance of the proposed techniques. This solution enables also support of various well-known modeling approaches (like IMS Learning Design).


Design for Teaching and Learning in a Networked World. Proceedings 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2015, Toledo, Spain, September 15–18, 2015. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 9307, pp. 254-267.

Presented at

10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, 2015 , Toledo , ES.

Published in

Design for Teaching and Learning in a Networked World , p. 254-267 ; Springer , CH .

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