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Tracing Self-Regulated Learning in Responsive Open Learning Environments

Year 2015
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ISBN-13 978-3-319-25514-9

Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) and related meta-cognitive learning competences help to increase learning progress. However, facilitating the acquisition of such competences with learning technologies is challenging. Training requires an individualized approach and the right balance between he learner's freedom and guidance. To support SRL, we applied personalisation and adaptive technologies in the development of an Open Source toolkit for Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE). In this paper we present a conceptual foundation for the operationalization of self-regulated learning in personal learning environments as a cyclic process model. Furthermore, we present results of a long-term usage data analysis of the ROLE Sandbox, an open and free Web-based hosting environment for personal learning environments. In particular, we trace self-regulated learning activities in three years of productive operation. We conclude our findings with guidelines for self-regulated learning in personal learning environments.


Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Web-based Learning ICWL 2015, Guangzhou, China, November 5-8, 2015, LNCS 9412, Springer, pp. 155-164


Presented at

ICWL, 2015 , Guangzhou , CN.

Published in

Advances in Web-Based Learning - 14th International Conference (ICWL 2015) , by Li, F.W.B., Klamma, R., Laanpere, M., Zhang, J., Manj├│n, B.F., Lau, R.W.H , p. 155-164 ; Springer , Berlin-Heidelberg , DE .

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