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Development of Mobile Serious Game for Self-assessment as Base for a Game-Editor for Teachers

Year 2016
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ISBN-10 978-3-319-40215-4

Self-assessment is an important tool to improve student performance. A good serious game (SG) would be a very strong self-assessment tool because of the additional motivational aspects. However, self-assessment tools have to fit the learning matters of a course by 100 %, what general SG seldom do. The goal of this work is to build a simple SG editor each teacher can adjust to the learning goals of his course. Here we present the development of a game-editor for teachers for a puzzle-style game. By this editor teachers can edit their own course based game without sophisticated computer knowledge. The game mechanics meet the requirements of mobile- and micro-learning strategies. Furthermore, the game implements learning analytics for students as well as for teachers. The game engine and the editor are both based on standard Web technologies. The source code is maintained as an open source project to lower the barriers for further uptake.


Gloria, Alessandro de; Veltkamp, Remco (Eds.) (2015): Games and Learning Alliance. 4th International Conference, Revised Selected Papers. GALA 2015, Rome, Italy, Dec 9-11, Cham: Springer International Publishing (LNCS 9599), pp. 71–79.


  • Andreas Herrler
  • Simon Grubert
  • Marko Kajzer
  • Sadie Behrens
  • Ralf Klamma

Presented at

GALA 2015, 2016 , Rome , IT.

Published in

Games and Learning Alliance , by Alessandro De Gloria, Remco Veltkamp , p. 71-79 ; Springer , Cham .

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