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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
RWTH Aachen
Informatik 5
Ahornstr. 55
D-52056 Aachen
Tel +49/241/8021501
Fax +49/241/8022321

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Annual Reports






Technical reports- Intelligent Networks as a Data Intensive Application (INDIA)
Published in 1994 by Rainer Gallersdörfer, Matthias Jarke, K. Klabunde
Aachener Informatik-Berichte 94-20, ISSN 0935-3232, Aachen, 1994.
Computer Support for the Isoinversion Principle
Published in 1994 by Stefanie Kethers
Electronic Computational Chemistry Conference.
Applying AI Techniques to Requirements Engineering: The NATURE Prototype
Published in 1994 by Klaus Pohl, P. Assenova, Ralf Dömges, P. Johannesson, N. A. M. Maiden, V. Plihon, J.-R. Schmitt, G. Spanoudakis
NATURE Report 94-7, Aachen, 1994.
Operations Research 92: Proc. der 21. DGOR/ÖGOR-Jahrestagung
Published in 1993 by K.-W. Hansmann, A. Bachem, Matthias Jarke, W. Katzenberger, W. Marusev, eds.
Springer-Verlag, 1993
Database Application Development with DAIDA
Published in 1993 by Matthias Jarke, eds.
Springer-Verlag, 1993
Three aspects of intelligent cooperation in the quality cycle
International Journal of Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems,2, 4 (Dez. 1993);Also as Aachener Informatik-Berichte 93-21
Quality Management for Expert Systems in Process Control
Published in 1993 by K. Finke, Matthias Jarke, Peter Szczurko, R. Soltysiak
Aachener Informatik-Berichte 93-20
ConceptBase- a deductive object base manager
Aachener Informatik-Berichte 93-14;Appears in Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Special Issue onAdvances in Deductive Object-Oriented Databases
Methodenmodelle in der Qualitätssicherung
Published in 1993 by Peter Peters
Bericht des Graduiertenkolleg Informatik und TechnikAachener Informatik Berichte 93-7, RWTHAachen, 1993.
Query by class, rule and concept
Published in 1993 by Martin Staudt, Hans Nissen, Manfred Jeusfeld
Aachener Informatik-Berichte 93-15;Also in Applied Intelligence, Special Issue on Knowledge Base Management