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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
RWTH Aachen
Informatik 5
Ahornstr. 55
D-52056 Aachen
Tel +49/241/8021501
Fax +49/241/8022321

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Annual Reports






DAIDA: an environment for evolving information systems
Published in 1992 by Matthias Jarke, J. Mylopoulos, J. W. Schmidt, Y. Vassiliou
ACM Transactions on Information Systems 10, 1, 1992, pp. 1-50
Group Decision Support und Qualitätsmanagement
Published in 1992 by Matthias Jarke, Stephan Jacobs, Klaus Pohl
Krallman, Papke, Rieger (Hrsg.): Rechnergestützte Werkzeuge fürdas Management, Schmidt Verlag, 1992, pp. 198-210
Query optimization in deductive object bases
Published in 1992 by Manfred Jeusfeld, Martin Staudt
Aachener Informatik-Berichte, Nr. 92-26 Also appears in Freytag, Maier, Vossen (eds.): Query processing in next-generation databases, Morgan Kaufmann
The Three Dimensions of Requirements Engineering
Published in 1992 by Klaus Pohl
RWTH-Aachen, Aachener Informatik Berichte, Nr. 92-24 Also appears in Proceedings CAiSE 93, Paris
Qualität von Informationssystemen
Published in 1992 by Klaus Pohl, Stephan Jacobs, Matthias Jarke
Proceedings 22. GI-Jahrestagung, Karlsruhe, 28.09.-02.10.1992, pp. 198-210
Wissensbasierte Unterstützung der Konstruktion von Faserverbundwerkstoffen
Published in 1992 by Klaus Pohl, J. Turek
Proceedings DGOR und ÖGOR Jahrestagung, Aachen, 6.-9.09.92
Organizing Software Repositories: Modeling Requirements and Implementation Experiences
Published in 1992 by Thomas Rose, Matthias Jarke, J. Mylopoulos
D.B.Simmons (ed.): Proceedings of the 16th Intl. Computer Software & Applications Conference (CompSAC '92), Chicago, IL, 23.-25. September 1992.
Query Classes
Published in 1992 by Martin Staudt, Manfred Jeusfeld
Proc. 1st CNKBS Workshop, München, 1992.