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Business models for eGovernment services

Year 2010
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Public sector information furnishes a valuable information resource for many businesses. Thus, the design of value chains across different stakeholders and corresponding business models capitalising on public sector information is a challenge. Business models have been investigated mostly in the realms of eCommerce and rarely for public private partnerships. Thus, they are strongly tailored to financial incentives. So far, the modelling of policies and arguments have been neglected in eCommerce approaches. This paper describes a new modelling method named BMeG (Business Models for eGovernment) supporting the planning of business models for eGovernment services. BMeG facilitates the modelling of options of value chains with public and private partners, their relationships with individual advantages and disadvantages for policies. Hence, BMeG unveils business opportunities and their rationales.


Electronic Government, An International Journal, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 380 - 401, 2010


Published in

Electronic Government, An International Journal , issue 4 , volume 7 , p. 380-401 .

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