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Multimedia on the Web - Editorial

Year 2014

Streaming video has recently surpassed peer-to-peer networks in terms of network capacity hunger. Reports estimate a share of 40 % of peak network capacity dedicated to entertainment, mostly streaming video. A large share of this traffic originates from web-based services. YouTube alone takes up to 8% of the prime time Internet traffic. While transmission currently works in a best effort system, multimedia information systems on the web are far from being perfect. Retrieval, annotation, validated and useful metadata, reliable and trusted services, and user interaction and context-based adaptation are still under discussion and issues to research.


Florian Stegmaier, Harald Kosch, Ralf Klamma, Mathias Lux, Ernesto Damiani: Multimedia on the web - editorial, Multimedia Tools Appl. 70(2): 821-826 (2014) (2012 Impact Factor: 1.014). DOI:10.1007/s11042-013-1729-9


  • Florian Stegmaier
  • Harald Kosch
  • Ralf Klamma
  • Mathias Lux
  • Ernesto Damiani

Published in

Multimedia Tools Appl. , issue 70 , volume 2 , p. 821-826 .

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