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Mixed reality and wearables in industrial training

Year 2020
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The Horizon 2020 project WEKIT has created an industrial training platform, combining sensor technologies, artificial intelligence and mixed reality. The platform creates training materials on the fly and delivers them in a standardised manner. With digitisation of workplaces impacting many professions, industrial training needs to adapt accordingly. Wearables show enormous potential to help in this space, and we envisage three major shifts taking place. First, industrial training often includes training in manual labour processes. Quantitative digital ethnography based on big data from wearable devices could foster an understanding of these processes in digital workplaces. Second, once the big data are acquired, automated analysis will be needed. To achieve this, artificial intelligence and machine learning will enter industrial training. Finally, the interface between humans and machines will move away from flat computer screens to more immersive forms of feedback in artificial spaces in mixed reality environments.


ERCIM News 120 (January 2020), 27-28.

Published in

ERCIM News , volume 120 , p. 27-28 .

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