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Artificial Intelligence and Personalization Opportunities for Serious Games

Year 2012
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Effectiveness of Serious Games (SG) depends very much on their capacity to provide the right balance be- tween gaming and educational experience. This requirement raises challenges regarding realization of their intelligence and personalization. We aim to overcome the problems of research fragmentation and identify some of the main issues by presenting a summary of relevant contributions from Artificial Intelligence and Personalization, together with a discussion on their future directions. In this paper, we summarize approaches to user and learning goals modeling, user engagement, various levels of game adaptation, how new sensors and mobile technology can better identify the context of the user, content adaptation and reusability.


Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Human Computation and Serious Games at the 8th Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference (AIIDE 2012), Stanford University, October 8-12, 2012, pp. 51-57, AAAI Press.


  • Antonio Brisson
  • Gonçalo Pereira
  • Rui Prada
  • Sandy Louchart
  • Neil Suttie
  • Theo Lim
  • Ricardo Abreu Lopes
  • Rafael Bidarra
  • Francesco Bellotti
  • Milos Kravcik
  • Manuel Fradinho Oliveira
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