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Prof. Dr. S. Decker
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Informal Learning at the Workplace via Adaptive Video

Year 2014
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Learning at the workplace is to a large extent informal. Trainees often need consultations with more experienced colleagues who can answer their questions or demonstrate certain practice. This process is usually very time consuming for the more knowledgeable ones, who often need to repeat their explanations for various trainees. There is a high potential to make this process more efficient by means of technology, especially by using the power of multimedia. In this paper, we present a vision and work in progress for enhancing informal learning at the workplace by using video annotation and video adaptation techniques. This is part of the research and development in the Learning Layers project.


UMAP 2014 Extended Proceedings. Posters, Demos, Late-breaking Results and Workshop Proceedings of the 22nd Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP2014). Aalborg, Denmark, July 7-11, 2014.

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