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Prof. Dr. S. Decker
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Towards an Intelligent Data Lake System for Heterogeneous Data Sources

Year 2016
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As the challenge of our time, Big Data still has many research hassles, especially the variety of data. The high diversity of data sources often results in information silos, a collection of non-integrated data management systems with heterogeneous schemas, query languages, and APIs. Data Lake (DL) systems have been proposed recently as a solution to this problem. However, as the term `Data Lake' has been coined in practice, the clear definition, research challenges involved, and system implementation are still missing. To meet such a gap, in this paper we describe the key features and define research objectives for data lakes, followed by the discussion of the methodologies to fulfill such objectives. As a complex problem, the development of data lakes includes research challenges such as incremental, on-demand schema management, query rewriting, and data quality management. Our vision for a data lake system is based on a generic and extensible architecture with a unied yet flexible metadata model. The system facilitates the ingestion, storage, and metadata management over heterogeneous data sources. We propose a data lake framework, which extracts, matches, and summarizes the structural and semantic metadata while providing data quality measurement. It also provides users a unied interface for query processing and data exploration, with embedded query rewriting engines supporting structured data and semi-structured data.


35th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER), PhD Symposium


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