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Concept Based Design of Data Warehouses: The DWQ Demonstrators

Year 2000

The European ESPRIT Long Term Research Project DWQ (Foundations of Data Warehouse Quality) has aimed at improving the quality of data warehouse design and operation through systematic enrichment of the semantic foundations of data warehousing. Logic-based knowledge representation and reasoning techniques were developed to control accuracy, consistency, and completeness via advanced conceptual modeling techniques for source integration, data reconciliation, and multi-dimensional aggregation. This is complemented by quantitative optimization techniques for view materialization, optimizing timeliness and responsiveness without losing the semantic advantages from the conceptual approach. At the operational level, query rewriting and materialization refreshment algorithms exploit the knowledge developed at design time. The demonstration will show the interplay of these tools based on an example extracted from a real-world application at Telecom Italia.


ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2000), Dallas, TX, May 2000


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