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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Adapting Traceability Environments to Project-Specific Needs

Year 1998

Traceability is a prerequisite for developing high quality (software) systems. Capturing and maintaining all available trace data is too labor intensive and thus by far too expensive. To reduce the efforts and the costs, the trace data and the trace strategies defining how to capture and use the trace data have to be adapted to project-specific needs. Such an adaptation is impossible without suitable tool support. To empower the adaptation of trace capture and trace usage according to project-specific needs we argue that trace environments should support the adaptation of trace strategies and trace data on a modeling level; guide the stakeholders in recording and using the trace data according to explicit process definitions; empower organizational learning based on the experiences made. We characterize the support offered by commercial trace environments, discuss their shortcomings and sketch future directions trace environments should strive for.


Communications of the ACM, Vol. 41, No. 12, December 1998

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