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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Business Data Management for Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce

Year 2002

Business-to-business electronic commerce (B2B EC) opens up new possibilities of trade. For example, new business partners from around the globe can be found, their offers can be compared, even complex negotiations can be conducted electronically, and a contract can be drawn up and fulfilled via an electronic marketplace. However, a sophisticated data management is required to provide such factilities. In this paper, the results of a multi-national project on creating a business-to-business electronic marketplace for small and medium-sized enterprises are presented. Tools for information discovery, protocol-based negotiations, and monitored contract enactment are provided and based on a business data repository. The repository integrates heterogeneous business data with business communication. Specific problems such as multi-linguality, data ownership, and traceability of contracts and related negotiations are addressed and it will be shown that the present approach provides efficient business data management for B2B EC.


SIGMOD Record, Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 49-54, March 2002

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