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Spatiotemporal Thematic Maps for Sustainable Development of Heritage Site Tourism

Year 2006

UNESCO world heritage sitesÂ’ list is getting longer and longer. Many sites among them have attracted countless tourists each year. However, the lack of efficient systematic surveillance and monitoring methods let the evitable and inevitable impacts of tourism development happen unperceived. Our research focuses on an e-tourism system with heritage sites monitoring to explore the possibilities for a long-lasting sustainable development and conservation of World Heritage Sites. On the basis of the status quo and trends of information systems for cultural e-tourism, we have implemented a community hosting service and proposed a generic theme model to compare spatiotemporal thematic maps to support heritage preservation work for sustainable develop-ment of tourism. A case study and prototyping are done on the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan. The concepts and solutions are the result of an interdisciplinary cooperation with architects for monuments preservation and cartographers.


H. Kremers and V. Tikunov (eds.): Proceedings of InterCarto - Inter GIS 12, International Conference on Geoinformation for Sustainable Development Berlin, Germany, August 28-30, pp. 143-153, 2006

Presented at

InterCarto - Inter GIS 12, 2006 , Berlin , DE.

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