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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Web-Based Learning with Non-linear Multimedia Stories

Year 2006

Stories and story-telling are a cultural achievement of significant relevance, even in modern times. Since ancient times stories have served to entertain and teach mankind to “transmit” knowledge from generation to generation. Story-telling ranges from simple aural narrations to traditional inter-generational discourse and, in modern times, workflow-oriented organizational learning. Web-based systems are by nature well-suited to support learning from digital stories in communities of practice. Despite the potential of story-telling to foster knowledge sharing in communities its full power to stimulate community-based learning processes in yet only marginally exploited. Although there are many story-telling approaches, most of them are not suitable for non-linear story creation and consumption. In addition, most of these are not based on a well defined methodology that underpins the story development process. In this paper we present the implementation of a non-linear multimedia story-telling environment based on the movement oriented design (MOD) paradigm. Finally, using a media-theoretic approach, we utilize structural aspects of story telling and identify patterns related to successful non-linear multimedia stories.


W. Liu, Q. Li, R. W. H. Lau (Eds.): Advances in Web-Based Learning, Proceedings of ICWL 2006, Penang, Malaysia, July 19-21, 2006, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, LNCS 4181, pp. 249-263.

Presented at

ICWL 2006, 2006 , Penang , MY.

Published in

Advances in Web-Based Learning , by W. Liu, Q. Li, R. W. H. Lau , p. 249-263 ; Springer , Berlin Heidelberg , DE .

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