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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Meta-Modelling with ConceptBase

Year 2005

ConceptBase is a deductive database system with object-oriented abstraction principles. Its ability to represent information at any abstraction level makes it a powerful tool for meta modeling. The system is accompanied by a configurable graphical user interface that builds upon the logic-based features of the ConceptBase server. The system has been developed at the RWTH Aachen University, originally as a tool for managing heterogeneous design environments. It is divided into the CBserver, essentially a multi-user deductive database system kernel, and the CBinterface, a suite of graphical user interface tools to manipulate the contents of the CBserver.


Workshop on Meta-Modelling and Corresponding Tools, Essen, Germany, 2005

Presented at

Workshop on Meta-Modelling and Corresponding Tools, 2005 , Essen , DE.

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