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Multimedia Metadata Standards

Year 2008
ISBN-13 978-0-387-74724-8

Multimedia metadata describes various aspects of multimedia content, including formal and technical properties (e.g. encoding, format), information about the creation of content, the processing applied, its use, rights information and the structure and semantics of the content itself. The importance of these aspects depends on the role of the provider or consumer of the metadata and the stage in the media life cycle. Multimedia metadata is among others important for production, distribution, search and indexing of multimedia content.


Borko Furht (ed.): Encyclopedia of Multimedia, Springer, 2008, ISBN 978-0-387-74724-8, Part 13, pp. 568-574


Published in

Encyclopedia of Multimedia , by Borko Furht , p. 568-574 ; Springer , Berlin , DE .

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