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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Mobile hosts in enterprise service integration

Year 2009

Mobile data services in combination with profluent web services are seemingly the path-breaking domain in current information systems research. In the Mobile Web Service (MWS) sphere, resource-constrained mobile terminals are used as both web service clients and providers (mobile hosts). Mobile hosts enable seamless integration of user-specific services into the enterprise. This paper addresses several technical aspects of the MWS provisioning domain, such as providing proper Quality of Service (QoS), especially in terms of security and reasonable scalability, and discovery aspects of the huge number of services possible with each mobile host that provides some services. The paper also discusses the features, components and realisation details of our enterprise service-bus-technology-based integration framework, which ensures QoS and discovery of MWS and helps in providing a bird's-eye view of the mobile enterprise.


Intl. J. Web Engineering and Technology 5, 2 (2009): 187-213

Published in

Intl. J. Web Engineering and Technology , p. 187-213 .

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