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SyncMeta Metamodeling Framework

SyncMeta is a framework for defining and using arbitrary graph-based modeling languages using real-time collaboration in the web browser. It was implemented as a widget based application.


SyncMeta is a framework for near real-time collaborative (meta-)modeling. The framework enables the definition of the conceptual and visual aspects of a modeling language and allows generating model editors for these metamodels. The diagram editors used for modeling and metamodeling support synchronous, real-time collaborative creation of models. 

SyncMeta was built in its initial stage fully based on open source libraries (like ROLE SDK or OpenCoweb OT Engine) and open widely implemented protocols like XMPP and HTTP, and open, well-supported formats like JSON and SVG. The SyncMeta framework implementation is offered as a widget-based application, where each widget offers a certain functionality (like modeling canvas, palette, awareness of remote edits, property editor, export scripting, etc.). The current development version of SyncMeta is using our award-winning Yjs library for solving editing conflicts and managing the near real-time collaboration. We will update the information with the newest release shortly.

There is a sandbox space for SyncMeta deployed at — feel free to play with it and give us feedback. (Note on this page you need to sign in, and then you may see several popup windows that appear and disappear. This is automatic authorization of all the OpenSocial widgets. If the app appears to "hang", just reload the page)

Get Involved

SyncMeta is offered as open source code on the ACIS group's Github space at We are happy for any coding support. Also feel free to submit any issues and feature requests on Github.

For any information or request regarding the framework, please contact Petru Nicolaescu, M.Sc. or PD Dr. Ralf Klamma, AOR


As a brief demonstration of SyncMeta capabilities see the video below.

SyncMeta was used by the METIS project to build a complete graph-based metamodel of the IMS Learning Design specification. The resulting model editor was called SyncLD. A demo video is available on Youtube:

Basic ideas and initial progress on SyncMeta were presented at the Modellierung 2014 conference in Vienna, Austria. Here are the slides:

SyncMeta was presented as a full paper at the ER 2015 conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Here are the slides:
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