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Prof. Dr. Thomas Berlage

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Contact Information

Address: Lehrstuhl Informatik 5
6212, 2nd floor, building: E2
Ahornstr. 55
52056 Aachen
Phone: +49 / 241 / 80 21507
Fax: +49 / 241 / 80-22321
Email: thomas.berlage@fit.fraunhofer.de

Short Biography

  • 1988 Diploma in Computer Science, University Bonn
  • 1993 Ph.D. in Computer Science, University Paderborn, Title: "Using Command Objects to Implement User Interfaces"
  • 2001 Habilitation at TU Berlin
  • 2002 Joint Appointment at RWTH Aachen and Institute Director at Fraunhofer FIT

Research Interests

  • Managing image-based knowledge (software architecture, data modeling, image analysis, visual data mining, user interface development, enhanced reality)
  • Life science informatics (applications in medical diagnosis and therapy support, drug discovery and molecular biology)


  • Living Coopetition

    {M. Jarke, T. Berlage, R. Klamma, A. Quadt (FIR)}

    Under a shared university research grant (SUR) from IBM Corporation, the “Living Coopetition” project aims at the development of an environment for powerful knowledge management based on case studies in life science and the automotive sector. It will address the problems of semantic integration and secure services which are required for complex collaborative and distributed business structures.

  • Pattern recognition in electrical images 

    {C. Clauser (Applied Geophysics), T. Berlage, R. Pechnig (Applied Geophysics)}

    This project is funded in the DFG Ocean Drilling Program. Electrical images representing micro-resistivity measurements from the borehole wall are used to study the internal structure of the oceanic crust. The project aims at developing methods to quantify gas hydrate occurrence based on a texture- and object-based classification of the images.

  • Research at FIT
    • TAPA: Cognitive Training by Animated Pedagogical Agents (-> http://access.fit.fraunhofer.de/tapa) {Y. Mohamad, T. Berlage}
    • BioZoom: Exploring large-scale experimental results (-> http://www.fit.fraunhofer.de/projects/biozoom) {A. Kort, T. Berlage}
    • Image analysis of two-dimensional electrophoresis gels in the context of proteomics (-> http://www.fit.fraunhofer.de/projects/greg) {M. Vogt, R. Schwarz, P. Wisskirchen, T. Berlage}
    • Live Cell Imaging (-> http://www.fit.fraunhofer.de/projects/lci) {R. Schwarz, M. Jungmann, P. Wisskirchen, T. Berlage}
    • Managing Semi-Structured Experimental Data

      {S. Kreutter, T. Berlage}

      In biological experiments, semi-structured data will be generated from multiple sources (analytical devices such as automated microscopes, etc.). This project will develop a peer-to-peer software architecture to archive, access and navigate through the data distributed among servers. Work builds on several industrial applications.

Completed Projects


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