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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker - Theses

Bachelor, Master
Authenticity, Integrity and Trust for Data Reuse in Resource Oriented Architectures - Open
Supervised by Lars Gleim, M. Sc., Jan Pennekamp; Advisor(s): Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Wehrle
Development of a content security model for authenticity and integrity in resource oriented architectures, based on content signing (public-key cryptography) and hash-chaining/Merkle trees (incorporating the hash/signature of previous revisions and referenced existing resources).
Bachelor, Master
Automatic Provenance Generation for Serverless Computing - Open
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker; Advisor(s): Lars Gleim, M. Sc.
In the context of this work, the student should extend the Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) paradigm of serverless computing with concepts for the automatic tracking of provenance information or data lineage (information about data origins, uses, actors and involved processes over time, similar to a GIT revision history for data) and implement a corresponding framework using a readily available FaaS platform, such as Kubeless, OpenFaaS or the Fn Project, as well as the existing factlib.js library for semi-automatic provenance tracking, that was developed as a result of previous work.
Bachelor, Master
Development of a WebApp for the User-friendly Tracking of Manufacturing Processes - Open
Supervised by Lars Gleim, M. Sc., Thomas Schemmer, Florian Brillowski; Advisor(s): Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker, Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle
In the context of this thesis, the student should develop a web application (primarily to be used on tablet computers) in order to easily document manufacturing process steps and related information, as they are taking place in real time.
Exploring Unknown Environments - Finding Pollution in Underground Pipes - Open
Supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Ascheid, Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker; Advisor(s): Dr. Michael Cochez, Ahmed Hallawa
Master, Bachelor
Transforming ShEx Schemata into SPARQL Queries and vice versa - Open
Supervised by Lars Gleim, M. Sc.; Advisor(s): Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker
In the context of this thesis, the student should compare the features and constructs of ShEx Schemata and SPARQL WHERE clauses for RDF data. A bidirectional mapping between all compatible language features should be developed and implemented, in order to enable the automatic transformation of ShEx Shapes to SPARQL WHERE clauses and vice versa.
A Distributed Data Revisioning System for the Internet of Production - Running
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Wehrle; Advisor(s): Lars Gleim, M. Sc., Jan Pennekamp
In the context of this thesis, the student should implement a distributed data revisioning system, enabling interorganizational data reuse and extension in the Internet of Production and Internet of Things.
An Extensible Web Interface for Linked Data Platform Servers - Running
The Linked Data Platform (LDP) is a simple, standardized REST API that allows for the hierarchical organization of Linked Data, similar to a classical file system. While the standard is rather simple, manual interaction with the file system is tiresome and error prone. To simplify the interaction with the LDP server, a suitable web-based user interface for browsing, editing and visualizing LDP data with suitable Web Components should be developed in this work.
Automatic HyperGraphQL Bootstrapping for Triplestores - Running
In the context of this bachelor thesis, the student should employ (existing) SPARQL queries to automatically extract the data schema (Ontology) of a given RDF graph and programmatically convert it to a HyperGraphQL Schema, thus greatly simplifying the deployment of GraphQL API endpoints for RDF Triplestores.