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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke - Theses

Bachelor, Master
Blockchain-based Verification of Learning Analytics Data - Open
The goal of this thesis is to make collected Learning Analytics data, extracted from various Learning Management Systems, traceable and verifiable by keeping a reference to the monitored data on the las2peer Blockchain. The thesis should investigate related work in the domain of educational usage of Blockchain technology. The developed extension should integrate into the existing project's infrastructure and provide learners and their mentors/tutors with a tool to explore when and what kind of data was collected. By improving this traceability, we hope to increase the trust in the data collection (and its usage) from both learners and mentors.
Chatbot-assisted Community Analysis - Open
The goal of this thesis is a chatbot that can be used by a community to query usage data and visualizations from an existing system.
Gamification of Serious Games with Recommendation Support - Open
The goal of this master thesis is to re-design and extend an existing serious games platform as microservices for a gamification framework already realized as microservice architecture.
Chat Assessments with Social Bots - Running
Social Bots (software robots) are computer algorithms that automatically produce content and interact with humans on social media. This thesis will utilize chat interfaces, a social bot framework and learning management systems to conduct assessments for learning content of a lecture with the help of a social bot.