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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Dr. Karl-Heinz Krempels - Theses

Skill Development for Intelligent Personal Assistants: A Comparison of Different Platforms - Running
In recent years, commercial intelligent personal assistants platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri have gained increased momentum. The usage rate of these intelligent personal assistants is rising steadily and will most likely continue to grow in the coming years. The aim of this thesis is, on the one hand, to compare different intelligent personal assistant platforms by their characteristics, and, on the other hand, to compare the development of programs running on these platforms, so-called skills.
Bachelor, Master
Distributed Activity Coordination with Constraints - Finished
In cooperative user environments the distributed coordination of activities with hard and soft constraints is a challenging task. The objective of the thesis is the development of an heuristic for distributed coordination of activities with hard and soft constraints starting with a literature research, algorithm design and simulative evaluation.
Context based Travel Information Service - Finished
Travel information services provide itinerary based user travel assistance. The objective of the thesis is the user context analysis for multimodal travel situations, the design of a mobile device based context detection service and an information rendering service for user travel assistance. As proof of concept a functional prototype should be implemented and evaluated.
Development of a Mobile User Interface for a Bike Sharing System - Finished
Completed by Müller, Younes in 2019; Supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke, Prof. Dr. Thomas Rose; Advisor(s): Dr. Karl-Heinz Krempels, Dipl.-Inform. Christoph Terwelp
- Use case analysis - UI paper prototyping - Mobile user interface design - Reference model design - Mobile application prototype implementation and generalization - Reference model evaluation
Guided Search Algorithm for the Mobility-Oriented Agenda Planning Problem - Finished
The need of mobility arises from activities such as a meeting or a doctor's appointment. Often, when planning these kinds of activities the mobility to these locations is only planned after the activity is already scheduled, which may be a sub-optimal approach. While planning it is hard to comprehend which consequences a particular action, such as moving the location or time of an activity, has on the agenda and mobility schedule. The objective of this thesis is the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of a mobility agenda planning assistance system in form of a graphical user interface which interweaves the mobility and agenda planning processes.
Travel Assistance using Natural Language - Finished
Completed by Kajzer, Marko in 2018; Supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz; Advisor(s): Dr. Christian Samsel, Dr. Karl-Heinz Krempels
Previously, we developed approaches and solutions for travel assistance using e.g. a wearable device, as well as a prototype for a natural language travel information system. We'd like to combine these two approaches into a combined prototype and test it in the field.
Integration of On-Demand Buses Into Intermodal Travel Information - Finished
Completed by Karaca, Ahmet Bugra in 2017; Supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke, Prof. Dr. Thomas Rose; Advisor(s): Dipl.-Inform. Sevket Gökay, Dr. Karl-Heinz Krempels
Our chair is developing the intermodal travel information system MobilityBroker in cooperation with IVU, regioIT and ASEAG. We would like you to create a concept and implement the integration of on-demand bus services into the existing system.