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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Md. Rezaul Karim, M.Sc.

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Contact Information

Address: Lehrstuhl Informatik 5
6014, Ground floor, building: E2
Ahornstr. 55
52056 Aachen
Phone: +49 241 80 21501
Fax: +49 241 80 22321

I am a researcher, author, and a data science enthusiast with a strong Computer Science background +10 years of R&D experience in solving bioinformatics research problems and making them Interpretable. I am passionate about semantics, applied machine learning, knowledge graphs, and explainable artificial intelligence (XAI). Currently, I'm working at Fraunhofer FIT as a researcher. I am also a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Prof Dr. Stefan Decker at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, where I'm working towards developing a distributed knowledge pipeline with linked data infrastructure and neural networks for biomedical informatics.

I have MSc and BSc degrees in Computer Science from the Kyung Hee University, Korea, and the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, respectively. Before joining Fraunhofer FIT, I worked as a Researcher at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland. Before that, I worked as a Lead Engineer at Samsung Electronics, Korea. I also worked as a Research Assistant at Kyung Hee University, Korea. Even before that, I worked as a Lecturer at Manarat International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Research interests:
• Machine learning
• Semantic web and Linked data
• Bioinformatics
• Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI).

• Programming languages: Java, Python, Scala, R
• Machine learning frameworks: Scikit-learn, Spark ML, Keras, TensorFlow, DeepLearning4j
• Big data stack: Spark, Hadoop
• Cloud platforms: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Google Colab
• Semantic Web technology: OWL, RDF, SPARQL, Jena, RDF4J, Fuseki, Virtuoso
• Interactive notebook: Jupyter, Zeppelin
• Containerization technology: Docker
• RDBMS and database: Oracle Certified, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
• Version control: Git, Perforce.



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